Mordhau Survival RPG

A Mordhau Overhaul. Providing a rich persistent RPG experience in 32km squared world. With guilds, building and more!

Mordhau Survival RPG

Created: June 05, 2022

Members: 3993

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Mordhau Survival RPG is a large game mode and map mod in which you have persistent progress between logins. You will start no better then a peasant but you are able to work your way up in the world by either becoming an unbeatable duelist, an opportunistic raider, a master craftsman, a scheming trader, or even just a simple hunter in the woods. Your objective in the game mode is open ended and there are a number of gameplay systems you have at your disposal that should help aid you in your goals, an indepth crafting system, an honourable & dishonourable PvP system, bandit hunting PvE contracts, dynamic flora and fauna spawning, and an expansive armor & equipment system with special bonuses.

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