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Created: January 11, 2018

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This server began back in January of 2018. With a goal of bring fans of Motorsport together to discuss just that, Motorsport. It began with me and our first member, now Admin, Javen. We discussed largely by ourselves for a few months before inviting more people on. We spent a few years slowly growing. In 2020 we experienced a rapid growth including some legendary moments such as the Brazilian Invasion and Sim-Dream Saga. In 2021 we began hosting Sim-Racing events on the F1 games before quickly moving to Assetto Corsa full time. We’ve now hosted over 90+ consecutive racing events and created an incredible legacy of life time Sim-Racing memories. We have expanded into Dirt Rally with more options potentially on the horizon. This is a great group of folks who have a true passion for Motorsports. This really is the #1 place to be to discuss Motorsports and Sim-Racing online anywhere!

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