Mount and Blade

The official Mount and Blade Community Discord for Warband and Bannerlord by TaleWorlds. Ran by the community!

Mount and Blade

Created: June 28, 2016

Members: 28662

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Our community is the premier place to discuss Bannerlord, Warband, and their mods and DLCs on Discord. You will also find guides, links to community servers, and news relating to the games. We also encourage first forays into the multiplayer side of both games, and organize regularly scheduled large scale multiplayer events. We are home to the Calradic Campaign, /r/mountandblade’s beloved multiplayer event that places players in the role of Calradia’s nobility and gives them control over an evolving story played out in multiplayer battles and sieges.

We take pride in being open and accepting to all Calradians regardless of identity. We hope you find what you’re looking for and become one of our long time members.

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