MrDie’s Land

Flee the Facility community and MrDie's Fan Server! Bunch of friendly FTF members and tons of things to do together!

MrDie’s Land

Created: July 21, 2017

Members: 6540

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Yea why would you join our server? It’s mostly about Flee the Facility! We’re a very close Flee the Facility community. Everyone is welcome in the MrDie fan server with tons of Flee the Facility players! Most of us love to talk about anything in the general chat! We have FREE flee the facility private servers that you can play in with others! Tons of amazing legendary hammer giveaways! Extremely cool gamenights and daily questions about anything that you can answer! You can text your way up with your level system with a lot of obtainable roles! Over all YOU are welcome and there is tons to do in this exiting and fun community 🙂
Our server is known for being a really nice community and everyone is welcome!

¡También tenemos un canal en español para los jugadores españoles que huyen de las instalaciones!

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