Nation Awakening Simulator

Welcome to Nation rising simulator aka NRS, the official server for the Roblox experience by the same name.

Nation Awakening Simulator

Created: September 08, 2020

Members: 1632

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Nation Rising Simulator is a real-time strategy game on the Roblox platform that simulates the political and military events of World War II. Players can join one of the major powers of the time, such as Germany, the Soviet Union, or the United States, and work with other players to build their economy, military, and infrastructure. Players can also engage in diplomacy with other nations, form alliances, and declare war on other countries.

To join the community, a prospective member should have an interest in history, particularly World War II, and be comfortable with online gaming and the Roblox platform. They should also be prepared to work with other players and communicate effectively in order to achieve their goals.

Joining the community allows players to experience the political and military events of World War II in a fun and interactive way, and to develop their strategic thinking and teamwork skills. Additionally, the community is a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends who share an interest in history and gaming.

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