Official NAYUTA:東京電脳R Server!Three Beliefs, Three Paths.Which one will you believe in?


Created: March 24, 2022

Members: 7097

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This server is all about immersing yourself in the world of NAYUTA:東京電脳R, created by SteakNinjaBoy and supported by team members, la_croix / Spiral / 0xSumo / NeoKaku.

What is NAYUTA:東京電脳R?
NAYUTA:東京電脳R is IP.
NAYUTA:東京電脳R is a Story.
NAYUTA:東京電脳R is a Generative Art NFT Project.

The Story of NAYUTA:東京電脳R will unfold post-mint in a manga-style format.

Who’s behind it?
We are a diverse and experienced team based in Tokyo. Assembling around @snb_nft as the main artist and creator. Previous works from the Genesis collection can be found here –

Where can I learn more about the project?
Learn more about NAYUTA:東京電脳R in our Medium blogs:

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