New Dawn Coalition

A D&D 5e West Marches server welcoming all, with an extremely active community and tools to make this server unmatched!

New Dawn Coalition

Created: January 31, 2022

Members: 1185

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Welcome to the New Dawn Coalition, a thriving community of adventurers and storytellers who gather in the virtual realm of Dungeons & Dragons. Our 5th Edition West Marches server offers a truly immersive and authentic D&D experience, where the prospect member can embark on epic quests and forge lasting friendships.

Step into the realm of Solace, a sanctuary city floating above the scarred world of Telarri. This unique setting provides a rich backdrop for exploration and adventure, as players unravel the deep lore and navigate the challenges of a world shaped by the cataclysmic event known as the Sundering. The consequences of this event continue to reverberate, and it is up to the players to protect civilization and shape the future of this world.

Within our server, we offer a range of features and activities designed to cater to the diverse interests of our members. Engage in virtual tabletop games, where you can assemble a party and embark on thrilling quests with the guidance of experienced Dungeon Masters. Immerse yourself in active roleplay channels, where you can bring your character to life and interact with a vibrant and supportive community.

Beyond the thrill of adventuring, we understand the importance of downtime and fostering connections beyond the game. Our community provides a space for players to engage in downtime activities, allowing characters to grow, forge relationships, and pursue personal goals. Whether it’s running a business, conducting research, or delving into personal storylines, there is always something to explore within our server.

At the heart of the New Dawn Coalition is our welcoming and inclusive community. With over 200+ games hosted each month, there is always a diverse array of players to connect with. Our community members hail from different corners of the globe, bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to the table. We foster an environment where everyone’s voice is valued, and where friendships extend beyond the game itself.

If you are seeking a place where you can share your love for D&D, engage in meaningful discussions, and forge lasting connections with fellow adventurers, the New Dawn Coalition is the perfect community for you. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting your D&D journey, our community embraces players of all experience levels.

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