New York Life RP – VGN

Established in 2017 as a community For members, by members.

New York Life RP - VGN

Created: January 27, 2017

Members: 1946

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Established in 2017 for members by members, the community is governed by a Board. We have mature, active staff, and members. Our development team and staff collaborate with members to refine the experience through enhancing scripts to mitigate fail rp.

Whether you are getting traffic tickets and need a lawyer [in rp], getting help creating a gang or business proposal, our active Civilian Staff are here to assist you with whatever you may need. Interested in a career in law enforcement, think you have what it takes to patrol the streets? Join the PD of one of our cities and embark on a quest to immerse yourself in a life rp situation where you can collect evidence, draft warrants, write reports, make arrests, and testify in court. Looking to take control of the city, embark on a quest to become the top kingpin, but beware heavy is the crown…

Sound interesting? Join the discord and fill out a community application. Become the best part of our experience today!

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