Mobile version of Discord now has the ability to send voice messages

Discord said in an official announcement that users of the mobile app can send voice messages. Now you do not need to go into the channel in order to hear the interlocutor, and the sound of messages is processed by the proprietary Krisp noise reduction system. The company said that previously users could only hear […]

PlayStation 5 released a software update that supports Discord

Sony has released a software update for PlayStation 5 consoles with version number 7.0. The new firmware adds integration of Discord service and also includes support for Variable Refresh Rate technology for 1440p displays, offers local data transfer support between PlayStation 5 consoles and allows you to record video with gameplay voice commands. Connecting to […]

Discord acquires popular teen app Gas

Discord has announced that it has acquired the teen app Gas, which has become popular over the past few months. The company said Gas will continue to run as a standalone app, but developers will join the Discord team. Gas was released in August 2022. The app offers surveys and polls about the user’s friends. […]