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Welcome to Nitro Community This is a community themed server aswell as giving nitros. We are friendly and Drama Free

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Created: March 14, 2022

Members: 18058

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Nitro Community
Hey, welcome to Nitro Community ! This is a Chill | Hangout | Giveaway themed server where we host tons of giveaways.

What is this server?
Here we are friendly , other than nitro giveaways we connect with our members and make it a safe environment for everyone. We do some fun events as well . We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to ・suggestions from the community!

How do I know this is legit?
You will be able to see proof of giveaway payouts in the following channels : ┣・proof・⛄ ┣・vouch・⛄ ┏・giveaway-info・⛄

How can I partner with you?
If you would like to partner with us check out ╔・partner-apps・ for more information!

Do we own any other servers?
Yes we do, in fact we own multiple servers which you can see in #deleted-channel ! (We are partnered/network)

How can I enter a giveaway?
You can enter a giveaway by reacting to giveaways with the correct emojis. (Example: )

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