Must be over 18. An Asian Social Community Server. A chill place that welcomes all Asians and non-asians. Join us!


Created: August 17, 2016

Members: 9521

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An 18+ SFW Asian community server. A chill, safe place that welcomes Asians and non-Asians alike.

We strive to have a welcoming and safe place where people can make friends and do activities with one another. We are a community that enforces discord’s ToS and the server’s rules. We are dedicated to make this server a safe environment for not just regulars but new members as well. This server has a zero-tolerance for toxicity and witch-hunting/harassment. We do not bend the rules for old/regular members.

We host regular event and giveaways. Join our voice channels to get to know some new people. Regular video chatting, gaming, and watch-togethers. We host the latest movies in HD the day it comes out. Give yourself roles to be pinged for a category of your choice: events, specific games, LFGs, art, movies, social media. Post a selfie in our #selfies channel and promote your social media. Discuss kpop/kdrama, athletics, food, education, or photography in our many channels. We also have a confessions channel if you need to seek out advice. Every staple discord bot to suit every need in discord.

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