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Welcome to Official LegitKorea! A place for all the Ahri OTP's, fanatics, and League enthusiasts alike!Come join us!

Official LegitKorea

Created: February 11, 2019

Members: 2741

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The server is an extension of the streamer LegitKorea, a consistent Challenger Ahri OTP.

If you’ve ever visited his streams, or wish to become a part of the larger community, the Discord server is a great place to not only connect but also find new friends! We host various community events and tournaments to really try and engage with the members of our server.

Not only are there people willing to discuss Ahri-related topics, but you can also discuss various other, non-League related topics as well!

We have many people from different backgrounds, cultures, and hobbies, so you’ll most likely be able to find a new group of friends to play with!

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