Old Silkroad

Old Silkroad creates the ultimate old school experience CAP 105 Race : CH Only, 2.5 X Rate, Open Market

Old Silkroad

Created: July 07, 2022

Members: 7779

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Old Silkroad a MMORPG Game, It is for Old Silkroad players, It brings the real nostalgia, Cap 105, CH Only, 2.5X Rate, Old School, Long term,
Innovation might be the most used word in Sro these days, it’s strange because SRO is not about being innovative, It’s about managing a stable server with the old Silkroad features that we all loved these old days, Old Silkroad is more epic than your imagination, A Golden old memory can be converted into a passion, We had come with the most fun thrilling memories you will ever have this year, Prepare for a fantasy adventure in history..

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