Omega Nexus

a community server that may be known for DTM-08 & DTM-16

Omega Nexus

Created: May 23, 2019

Members: 2255

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Omega Nexus is a server that was originally made for…a certain livestream which ended in november 2021. currently this server doubles as a support server for my themes (DTM-08, DTM-16, DTM-17) and a general community server where anything can be discussed

we have 6 level roles, a starboard, daily polls, server & emoji/sticker suggestions, a ‘one word story’ chat game (which always ends up horribly which is why it’s level locked) and various channels for specific topics

in terms of bots, we have… a few, including mudae, mewbot, poketwo, deriver, etc. and a pokemon bot i (11pixels) made which is probably way too similar to poketwo but whatever (it’s also extremely unfinished and will probably stay that way for a long time)

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