Out of the Arena

Discords largest server for Robot Combat. Covering everything from TV shows, to building your own robot and events

Out of the Arena

Created: March 21, 2017

Members: 2578

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OOTA is the worlds largest Discord server on Robot Combat. nnCovering everything from classic Robot Wars, to modern Battlebots – and live events you could attend and compete at yourself around the world. nnOOTA is a Discord partnered server, with multiple roles covering everyone in the sport. Theres roboteers including everyone from experienced Battlebots team members, to those preparing to compete at their first event – well known content creators from Podcasts and YouTube series, along with dedicated fans. nnJoin us in the Past series channels to discuss anything from robot combats history, whilst current events allows you to follow all the conversations about upcoming or recently aired episodes from TV – along with discussion on the live events you could go and attend yourself. nnRoboteer central is the place to discuss any design or building questions you may have to get involved in the sport yourself – whilst we have a collection of Off topic, and Fan content sections to hang out with those you share similar interests with. nnIts all here and more, so if you want to join a community all about whats happening in the arena – join Out of the Arena.

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