Overflow Trading Company

The trading discord and main economy-hub for Guild Wars 2. We offer farming trains, gold making advice and more!

Created: May 23, 2019

Members: 28910

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Overflow Trading Company is the largest and most popular independently-run trading discord and the main economy-hub for Guild Wars 2. Our goal is to facilitate trading outside of the in-game trading post, teach people how to make money, and connect traders from all areas of the game. We try our best to provide new traders with various tools, information, and resources to help them trade both safely and intelligently.

We are partnered with a whole host of different people and entities to help give you the most comprehensive learning tools available. We have TP Baron streamers doing giveaways, partner guilds who are willing to take you under their wing, and a bunch of different training communities.

The goal here in Overflow is simple: Make gold

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