Paradise Roleplay | Hub Server

An advanced and active Xbox Series X|S GTAV Roleplay Community!

Paradise Roleplay | Hub Server

Created: May 01, 2022

Members: 3503

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We are a Xbox Series X|S RP Server! You can start out as a civilian who is a business mogul, a crime lord who runs the criminal world, or even an officer of a law who may take bribes! The world is yours to take over! According to recent reviews, any new member who joins the server instantly finds a group of people to ride or die with in our sessions, this makes scenes extremely fun!

With 3000+ members in our HQ, we are always looking for more members to join as not everyone is able to become a member!

If you want to become a citizen of San Andreas and start your new life, click the link below and our staff will get to you instantly!

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