Petto Kādo

Petto Eggs are ready to be hatched into one of the 8 animals Each minter will receive a 1/1 physical Petto Card .

Petto Kādo

Created: August 01, 2022

Members: 9873

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No one knows how old Petto eggs are or where they came from. So what makes the eggs so special? Each Petto egg can be hatched into a random animal and these animals have different strengths and weaknesses. Pettos are unique and live in harmony since they know that they are all Pettos.

On the mint day, you will be able to take your card and capture a Petto. These cards will help capture the cuteness on the Ethereum blockchain. Our artist, Alice, takes great joy and inspiration from anime, designing numerous unique Pettos with over 160 traits, generating over 1 million combinations. Some Pettos will be rarer than others, however they are all equally cute.

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