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Created: January 15, 2018

Members: 2688

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PewPew Live is a fast-paced, twin-joystick shooter, with multiplayer, leaderboards, and community created levels.

It aims to provide a fun and exciting experience, letting users explore the game and its levels, get rewards, and beat records. PewPew Live also has co-op multiplayer, letting people find new teammates and work together to break world records in the leaderboards, while also having a great time.

PewPew Live is very community-driven, which makes this a great place to make suggestions that might make the game more fun or discuss issues that need to be fixed in the coming game updates. Do you want to talk with people about your experiences in-game, need to find a teammate, want to show your new level, or show off a world record?

Well, this is the right place for you. PewPew is a place where you are welcome to chat, ask, or showcase about anything you want. PewPew has a nice and welcoming community that will show you around the game, help you with questions, teach you strategies, and play multiplayer with you.

The PewPew community is always growing and is ready to accept new people to join its member-base. We warmly welcome you to the PewPew community!

While here, please enjoy your stay, and if you don’t like something, please tell us about it. We are trying to make this place a nice environment for everyone, meaning we are more than willing to fix what is bothering you, or others.

If you’d like to see more of our content, and creations, please check out our YouTube playlists, our GitHub organization, Steam games, and other socials, to see all sorts of cool stuff that you might like or want to learn about, ranging from levels, tools, content, and much more.

– The PPL CORE Team and our Staff Team.

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