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Created: January 12, 2022

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Phaver’s decentralized social app combines blockchain social graphs and on-chain reputation.
The app has 220k unique users, +65k DAU and accounts for ~50% Lens protocol posts – making it one of the largest web3 social platforms globally.

Phaver provides best of web3 social without the complex UX. The token economy is built on the basis of on-chain reputation: in addition to social graphs (Lens, CyberConnect) it includes on-chain assets like NFTs, POAPs, DegenScore, soulbound tokens and on-chain achievement tokens. The global experienced team consists of 25 FTEs with HQ in Finland.

Phaver is available on the app stores and you can get the access code by joining in. TGE will be in 2023 and backed by leading partners in the industry.

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