PICO Gaming Lounge

The PICO Gaming Lounge is a place to find and play with other PICO users.

PICO Gaming Lounge

Created: April 14, 2023

Members: 2050

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The PICO Gaming Lounge Server is all about VR gaming! It is aiming to be the top Discord Server to get inspired for VR games, share your thoughts about games and get recommendations from others.
Playsessions are the core unqiue feature of this Discord, which allows users to organize an event for a game to play together. The bot helps to find people for your favorite game, communicate the scheduled time for everybody in their local time and informs people who are interested to sign up for the playsession.
On top, you will receive access to Discord exclusive Giveaways and always be informed about new releases on PICO, upcoming and running discount campaigns and any future plans we have for the Discord and our store!

About PICO
Founded in March 2015, PICO is a leading VR company with independent innovation and R&D capabilities, focusing on VR all-in-one technology. Embracing a mission to bridge connections, enrich life, and release infinity, PICO is committed to build an integrated XR platform that inspires the community and empowers developers, creators, and businesses.

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