Here you can interact and meet like-minded Pokémon fans, complete your Pokédex and also have access to our range of bots


Created: January 11, 2023

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Welcome to Pokenvy, a vibrant and engaging community where Pokémon fans from all corners of the globe converge! Here, we explore every region, challenge every Gym Leader, and pursue every Legendary Pokémon across all mainline Pokémon games.

Whether you are a Trainer who started with Red and Blue in the Kanto region, or you’ve just embarked on your journey in the newest generation, you’ll find like-minded Pokemaniacs ready to connect, collaborate, and compete. We celebrate the spirit of the Pokémon franchise with friendly discussions, in-depth strategy talks, fun-filled events, and memorable shared experiences.

We don’t just play the game, we live the Pokémon life! So grab your Pokedex, sharpen your skills, and come be part of our ever-growing community. Let’s create some unforgettable Pokémon memories together!

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