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Welcome to PJKT! A virtual event organization celebrating the creativity of the VR community around the world!

Projekt: Community

Created: January 09, 2023

Members: 1267

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Welcome to Projekt: Community, a virtual events organization focused on celebrating the power and creativity of the VR community. From Roleplay groups to Music Festivals, Language Exchanges to Film Festivals, Creators and Artists, big and small, all are welcome.

Our mission is to bring together all aspects of the community, no matter if you are a lone artist or a massive group, to celebrate the unique culture of VR. Throughout the year, we will hold many events focused on different creative endeavors within the VR space, culminating in our yearly community festival!

VR is what it is today because of the community, and that means you! Whether you are a veteran or just put on a headset for the first time today, we all make this space special. Welcome to the crew.

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