We're a server devoted to the book series A Song of Ice and Fire and associated written works by George R.R. Martin.


Created: June 19, 2020

Members: 1719

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PureASOIAF is a Discord server focused on book-only discussion. In our core discussion channels, we prohibit all discussion—even minor mentions or vague references—of HBO’s popular television adaptations of George’s written work and choose to focus only on the books. We have special quarantine channels in which all show discussion is required to occur.

PureASOIAF pushes for high quality discussion, often focusing on literary analyses and high-level theorycrafting in lieu of memes or low effort conversation, which is restricted to meme channels and not permitted in core discussion channels.

Additionally, PureASOIAF holds its users to an unusually strict cordiality standard. All users are expected to treat each other with respect and to argue politely with others, even when engaging in disagreement. PureASOIAF is a place to explore ideas, argue as the devil’s advocate, and refrain from judging one another outside our arguments. All users are granted the benefit of the doubt and moderation will step in even if users are doing something as minor as showing a condescending tone during argument.

We welcome ASOIAF fans from all walks and look forward to hanging out with you!

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