PVP/PVE Modded Loot Military Spawns

PVP/PVE Modded Loot Military Spawns is the #1 PlaySation server on DayZ! Join to take part of raids and more! Enjoy :)

PVP/PVE Modded Loot Military Spawns

Created: August 01, 2021

Members: 1275

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Best Community on DayZ with the Best Staff on DayZ, Nothing but love in this Community to the point where you can call everyone your family here in PVP/PVE Modded Loot Military.

We are a playstation4 & playstation5 DayZ server with a 42Slot Server with Pure Loot for all the PVP you can have, But also a PVE server with weekend raid for those who have Brother & Sister Arguments to fight out all the little love hatriot we always have on DayZ.

Here is a little list on what we are more about.





●Weekend raids

● 42 Player slots

●Medium population

●Reset Every 4 hours

●Short nights long days

●Base upgrades/detection

● High loot /modded items

● Priority Monthly Giveaways
And more !

We offer one of the best dayz experience

Join and share with friends and help our population grow. We can be found on page 1 on playstation communitys page after seaching PVP/PVE We hope to see you soon.

! PVP/PVE Modded Loot Military Spawns

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