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QORPO Game Studio is home to games, esports, and competitive experiences on the blockchain - Citizen Conflict - AniMate.

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Created: September 10, 2021

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Citizen Conflict nnis a free-to-play shooter game designed to merge the best of both worlds – to deliver the competitive heat symptomatic of the esports game modes as well as to bring large-scale gameplay on the MMO open world map. The game doesnu2019t fall short on an immersive storyline, which finds three antagonistic syndicates and captivating heroes waging an endless war for dominance. To scale its futuristic dystopian design to the top, Citizen Conflict will brim over with tons of futuristic vehicles, aircraft, guns, and uncanny equipment.nnAniMatennconnects adventure with RPG and bridges Battle Royale with the mythical world of AniMates. This action game (r)evolutionizes the little monsters we know and admire. Poku00E9mon style graphic design and Fortnite game mechanics make this title a unique addition to Web3 gaming. nnWho is QORPO Game StudionnQORPO Game Studio is an innovative game studio and international blockchain company founded in 2018. The company is based in Dubai, with over 90 employees with experience in AAA titles such as Overwatch, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Arma 3 or Mafia II. The ecosystem of games is supported by custom-developed Esports infrastructure including SDK multichain wallet QORPO ID or QORPO NFT Marketplace. QORPO is building the next generation of games with a mission to bring AAA quality ecosystem in Web3 gaming, forging a competitive esports scene for every player.nnYou can find all details about the company and projects in the Linktree:nnhttps://linktr.ee/qorpogamestudio

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