r/Barca Official Discord

This is the official Discord server of r/Barca (a Reddit community.) but everyone is welcome to join us!

r/Barca Official Discord

Created: November 10, 2020

Members: 2962

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This is the official server of /r/Barca – a community on Reddit, but everyone is welcome to join us.

Some of the fun activities on our server include:

– Friendly and welcoming community from all parts of the world.

– Match Talk channel where we discuss, react and talk about our matches as they happen live.

– A prediction league with a fun point and reward system, and a leaderboard running all season long.

– Serious channels dedicated to tactical discussion, transfers and football, along with off-topic channels for music, movies and tv, video games, technology, memes and more.

– A dedicated server podcast where everyone is welcome to join.

– A dedicated bot with fun commands that show the latest Barcelona results, fixtures, standings, transfers, along with other 3rd party bots such as Soccer Guru.

– 24/7 latest news feed channel.

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