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Created: June 29, 2020

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This server is for all the people in need of a space free from politics. Here at r/IndiaSocial Server you have a place to be yourself and have a casual banter. Yes, we will be meeting some interesting people and making new friends. Everyone here is eager to hear from you. We are here to listen and share our stories, experiences, humour and culture.

We strive to be a community, separate from political clutters and frenetic activities. The server is thriving for original content, active engagements, and lively topics for discussion. Moreover, we want to thrive as an inclusive community that represents the spirit of India. Let us not to be the kind of people requiring to be pointed out as the odd one who spoils the fun. Let’s sail the boat ahead. r/IndiaSocial Server will always remain above the state, religion, language, or ideologies.

There are the times when people think their opinions makes up for a fact. We won’t be ludicrous here. r/IndiaSocial won’t divide itself into two groups of ideologies. No users have a permit to steal the limelight by being nonsensical. No politics, No arguing about empyreal beings, No bolstering of opinions that harms.

Let us make this a go-to place for casual desi corner of the internet.

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