Free Sim Racing Competition System for Automobilista 2 and Assetto Corsa


Created: December 17, 2020

Members: 1627

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**www.racecraft.online** (RCO for short) is a free ranked multiplayer service for sim racers built mostly by 1 and half guy

Basically RCO hosts races and the race results are automatically transformed in to RCO custom rating.

**www.racecraft.online** is about competition. It’s about clean racing in friendly environment. It’s about free and easy access to online races for every sim you want. It’s about drivers rating and racing license uniformity between every sim.

So what RCO has to offer?
✅ Clean races
✅ Driver rating
✅ Online racing career
✅ Racing licenses
✅ Racing seasons
✅ Races around the clock
✅ Race servers around the globe
✅ and more

Currently RCO supports AC and AMS2, but if there is demand the support for other sims can be added.

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