Rappelz – Gambit

Unleash your inner hero in the fantasy world of Rappelz. Choose from 3 races, many classes and tame your own creature!

Rappelz - Gambit

Created: December 28, 2020

Members: 4464

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A free-to-play PC MMORPG set in a Dark Fantasy World! Rappelz features over 30 sub-classes, a unique creature system where you can tame and control monsters as pets, as well as PvE, PvP and PK combat, open world dungeons, and much more. Play Rappelz now!

Homepage – https://play-rappelz.com
Register a new account – https://play-rappelz.com/register
Files, downloads – https://play-rappelz.com/download
Server statistics – https://play-rappelz.com/about/overview/
Leaderboard – https://play-rappelz.com/hiscores/

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