Rare Discord ringtone

There’s a very small – and we mean small – chance you can get a secret ringtone when calling someone.

According to Discord staff, this is the rarest easter egg. The chance that users will receive a remixed version of Discord incoming call ringtone is 0.1%!

Discord Ringtone
Secret Discord ringtone


Here you can listen and download rare discord ringtone:

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23 thoughts on “Rare Discord ringtone

  1. I got this 2 times in a row on the same day in the same hour. 0_0

  2. For me it happen today more then 10 times, at first i jump out of chair cuz i didnt know what was, when i said to my friend, we tried again, and again and again, it was always playin tf xdddd

  3. Lol, i didnt know that that happens when u open discord, and if u close it doesnt work anymore, my bad xd

  4. I got it last week and ever since, I always hear it when someone calls me for as long as I keep Discord / my PC on.
    As soon as Discord restarts, you will lose it and revert back to the regular one. 🙁

    • ohhh this makes sense as to how i got it multiple times then, i havent shut down my discord since i first got it, was confused as to why it changed all of a sudden

  5. i somehow got this the last 3 times i was called in a row????? i was so confused and thought it had changed. learning this now im even more confused cause the odds of that happening seem impossibly low

  6. I got this a few minutes ago and decided to see what are the chances of that. Im very lucky 🙂

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