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The ReEnergized Community Discord for Old TF Games, and chatting Community for Transformers!

ReEnergized Community Discord

Created: June 28, 2021

Members: 15613

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Transformers: ReEnergized. One if not the top Transformers Community discords in history! Representing thousands of Transformers Gaming fans across the globe! The Transformers ReEnergized Server Project is a foundation created by RoboGamer1HD on YouTube. Originally a private discord for Transformers modding by Foop with only 30 people. Brought to life through some of the core players from the golden age of Transformers Gaming! Many TF fans were sad to see the Transformers Game servers shut down for the beloved Multiplayer back in 2020. However, in 2022 an expert coder by the name of Aibot brought the servers back to life. In collaboration with many TF fans that worked on the project. We created a household of sorts where the entire Transformers Gaming Community and fans alike can settle! Transformers: ReEnergized is a project to bring back the community and servers to a state that it once was, to be a home for all to stay and experience the Transformers games again or for the first time!

We also support the brand new game by Splash Damage called Transformers Reactivate! A highly anticipated game among the Transformers fans! Join the community, get to know new people or meet old friends from the transformers gaming era! Thank you all for the support and see you Online!

See you all Online!


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