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Resilience is a collaboration of TopTier global companies and all around creator dedicated to the advancement of Esports

Resilience Esports™

Created: November 27, 2019

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Resilience Esports is an Indian Electronic Sports, Gaming Company/Agency from South Asia. We create a lot of IP’s globally & mostly work with all major Esports shareholders around the world. Resilience Esports is doing India’s largest Gaming Content Creator Program to centralise the content creators in India. We have 3000+ creators under them and are increasing exponentially on a daily basis and aggregating 150 Million – 300 Million impressions per day, average 5 Billion plus impressions per month, with 270 Million watching minutes and 100 plus Million watching hours per month. They are working with 50 + International Partners to develop the content creation structure around the world and they don’t finish there. They have initiated many new IP’s with our European partners to grow Esports in India like never before. Some of these IP’s are released and will be released in the forthcoming months.

This is something that the world is missing in terms of lifestyle, gaming & most importantly – the way of living. Hence, creating opportunities to #beRESILIENT #bethechange

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