Rising Empires AOE4

Rising Empires is a gaming community for Age of Empires 4. We run weekly tournaments for players of all levels.

Rising Empires AOE4

Created: March 25, 2022

Members: 2031

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We host Age of Empires 4 tournaments such as Low Elo Legends, The Warchief Club, and individual special events. Our growing community loves to chat about the game, engage in silly banter, and of course play together. We have a Twitch channel that regularly covers our events as well.

Low Elo Legends is a bracketed event for AoE4 players from Bronze to Diamond. The brackets aim to have players of similar skill levels face off against eachother.

The Warchief Club is a competitive open event that attracts top Conqueror rank players. Competitors have the opportunity to get ATR points to rank up in the competitive AoE4 tournament scene.

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