Rolex Football | Edit cup| Premium

Football community, nice staffs and people, provide free comps and pfps, free premium

Rolex Football | Edit cup| Premium

Created: April 26, 2022

Members: 2211

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Welcome to rolex football !
We are a new, kind community
Here, you can find
– Invite rewards (15 for nitro basic, 35 for nitro boost)
– Free premium (400+ comps, 300+ presets, 200+ pfp and 100+ clips) for just 3 invites!
– Exclusive premium (upgrade version of free premium) for just 5 invites!
– Lot of events and giveaways, too make sure you don’t get bored
– We accept partnerships from all servers !
– Staff applications are always open!

If you play madfut, this is the place for you!
– We provide alternate SBC solutions
– Give away free cards and packs through trading

Bots channels
– We play connect4 very often
– Lot of Ballsdex users for you to trade with
– We give Owo coins for invites
– We host mudae events very often
– Challenge us on countryvia

Feel free to give us suggestions!
We have, and will continue, put a lot of work into the server , to ensure you have a nice experience here!

To do that, we need you to join us!

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