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Created: November 03, 2022

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We are a community promoting research and collaboration on topics including offensive security techniques, threat intelligence, and security tooling. We have created this community to foster technical growth and exploration for those interested in computer and information security topics.

Our team is founded by experienced industry professionals who have each contributed decades of work in these areas and maintain the independent and innovative hacker spirit that drives us all. Our past accolades include building successful technology companies, leading major cloud and security teams, winning and organizing DEFCON CTF for among other infamous challenges, as well as speaking and teaching around the world and publishing significant work back to the public.

ROOTSYN represents both the technical side of our goals to be a center of offensive security, threat intelligence, and security tool programming as well as a deep connection to the community and growing together as we learn. We want to create a place where people can level up their skills, build connections to each other, and collaborate to make progress on security projects.

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