A matchmaking and event hub for Elden Ring, Armored Core, and all other FromSoftware games.


Created: February 18, 2022

Members: 3551

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**Roundtable Hold** is a community hub for fans of FromSoftware’s 2022 Action RPG: ELDEN RING. We’re dedicated to connecting people through an effective matchmaking system, lots of exciting events, and active community discussion.

Our server is designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind to make it easy to join and participate. If you’re looking for a close community of Elden Ring fans, this is the server for you!

We strive to provide the best experience for FromSoftware fans on Discord. We’re partnered with some of the biggest communities on Discord, including Bloodborne, Persona, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Metal Gear Solid, and more!

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