Rushdown Revolt

⚡ This is the home of a new platform fighter with electric, combo-centric, and expressive gameplay, Rushdown Revolt! ⚡

Rushdown Revolt

Created: May 01, 2019

Members: 7972

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Our active Discord community is the perfect place to find your next battle! With character specific dojos, support channels, and die hard players ready to offer helpful tips to beginners, this is the all around hub for Rushdown Revolt!

This is also the quickest way to get game/bug support. Our team is here to offer top tier help to anyone experiencing issues with the game.

Ready to test your skills by competing with other players? Our community-based tournaments are the perfect ways to push yourself to new limits and interact with this booming community! With an abundance of events, there are endless opportunities to get involved, or to follow along with the best players and their journey to the top! Whether you’re a player, tournament organizer, or excited to watch the bracket unfold, there is a role for all! Learn more by joining our Discord server.

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