SA World

Explore a new world of gaming with SA World: The decentralized virtual realm that empowers gamers with true ownership.

SA World

Created: October 11, 2021

Members: 44507

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SA World is a virtual realm of games with robust infrastructure and service applications built below and around to enhance players’ decentralized gaming experience.

**What can you do in SA World?**

• Play multiple games of various genres.
• Create, custom your own unique avatar (called Citizens), and have full control of your progress.
• Accumulate contributions to the ecosystem through the active point and citizen systems.
• Engage in buying, selling, and participating in events, among other activities.

**What can you do in this group?**

This group is exclusively for citizens who love gaming and want to find a strong community to fully experience and excel in the latest games. Not just for entertainment, the group is also a place for you to discuss, share gaming experiences, and participate in exciting events and tournaments.

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