Sac State Gaming Community

The unofficial Sacramento State gaming community server (SSGC). Everything gaming and esports.

Sac State Gaming Community

Created: October 03, 2017

Members: 1992

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This server is a great way for Sac State students and members of the community to meet, play with, or just relax and talk to others in the area. Our community ranges from the casual gamer to the competitive players. While there is a strong focus on online game play and discussion, there’s a heavy range of other things going on too. We frequently have movie viewings, in-person meetups (especially on campus between classes), or people just hanging out in voice chats.

Information on how to join the official Sac State Esports teams (Valorant, RL, LoL, OW, R6, COD, Halo etc…) in this discord!

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