Sandy’s Elden Ring Hub

A cozy and friendly Elden Ring & Soulsborne server. Find partners for jolly cooperation and make new gaming friends!

Sandy's Elden Ring Hub

Created: September 25, 2021

Members: 1885

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We’re a cozy and friendly Elden Ring-themed server where you will quickly find boss help or coop buddies, free runes/souls and item drops, as well as PvP matches!

● Elden Ring is the server’s main focus. We have:
— Regular giveaways on PlayStation!
— Trades with other players — get free runes, weapons, consumables,
— Boss and area coop,
— Useful build-making info,
— Casual PvP — Colosseum fights, duels, invasions, ganking,
— Separate matchmaking channels for PC, Xbox, PlayStation,
— Matchmaking roles for PvP / coop / trades on every platform,
— Elden Ring memes and arts,
— A tonne of cute Ranni emotes!

● Dark Souls 3 has its own channel where you’ll find:
— boss tips & assistance,
— souls and gear drops & trades,
— coop and PvP opportunities.

We also have plenty of fans of other Soulsborne games.
Join if you play any of these games or just love chatting!

P.S.: All of our staff members are huge One Piece fans and we have a dedicated forum for One Piece discussion!

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