Scrumptious Studio {Official}

This server revolves around the Roblox studio called Scrumptious Studio and provides support and useful information.

Scrumptious Studio {Official}

Created: July 12, 2019

Members: 46863

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This server hosts the community of the Roblox group Scrumptious Studio. Here you can find any kind of information and help from our Moderation and Administration team, that is always there to provide you with service any time you need them. Further more, our Developers post frequent spoilers on the progress we have achieved on our games so far and sometimes, some really interesting facts. In this community, you can also come in touch with fellow Roblox Group Members that could assist you with certain tasks within our games or even make new friends to play our games with! Lastly, for the ones that enjoy changing and customising their Discord Profile, our Community Managers host events such as Giveaways and Theme events, in which the community votes on a theme and everyone gets to act as their favourite role in anime, game, etc. and then watch/play together in a Voice Chat, based on the voted theme!

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