Seraphs of the Lost

Welcome to the most uplifting, helpful, engaged Destiny 2 community, and the best place to game with friends on Discord!

Seraphs of the Lost

Created: March 04, 2022

Members: 1432

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Seraphs of the Lost

**Who We Are**
We are more than just a gaming community, we’re a sanctuary for Destiny 2 enthusiasts looking for a non-toxic, uplifting environment. Our focus extends beyond raid victories and loot—it’s about growth, mastery, and fostering meaningful connections.

**Why Join Us?**
– **Non-Toxic Environment**: Experience gaming without the negativity.
– **Personal Growth**: Improve not just your in-game skills, but also cultivate leadership and teamwork.
– **Three-Tier Membership**: Unlock exclusive mentorship, seasonal vault cleaning, and much more!

⚔️ **What We Offer**
– **Free Guided Raids**: Our accredited Sherpas will guide you through Destiny 2’s most challenging content.
– **Skill Development**: From PvP to PvE, our community experts are here to up your game.
– **Lightning Fast Customizable LFG**: Never miss an opportunity with our cutting-edge mention system.
– **Events and In-Server Quests**: Keep the fun going even when you’re not in a raid.

️ **Membership Tiers**
1. **Free Tier**: Access to basic community features including guides, sherpas, and community events.
2. **Heroic Tier**: Additional perks, including priority mentions and training sessions.
3. **Legendary Tier**: Our flagship offering with exclusive mentorship, strategies, and seasonal vault cleaning services.
To unlock these benefits and more:

**Don’t Game Alone, Become a Legend with Us!**
Seraphs of the Lost is not just a server, it’s a transformative journey. Are you ready to join the ranks of legends?

Together We’ll Rise!

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