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A server that has everything: discussions and dialogues / games / entertainment / trading / acquaintance / anime / learning….. …سيرفر يوجد فيه كل شئ مناقشات وحوارات / آلعاب / ترفيه / تداول / تعرف / آنمي / تعلم Un serveur qui a tout : discussions et dialogues / jeux / divertissement / trading / […]



Welcome to the Fotor Discord Community, your new home for all things art-related! ️✨ Here, we’re all about celebrating creativity and providing a platform for you to connect with fellow art enthusiasts. Whether you’re into digital art, traditional painting, or anything in between, you’re in the right place. Exciting news! We host monthly and weekly […]

Shiori's Library

Shiori’s Library

Shiori’s Library follows Hololive English’s Shiori Novella! We have a dedicated community that shares daily updates and supports Shiori and greater Hololive. Meet friends, share interests and make memories with fans just like you! Not only that, Shiori’s Library has a passion to support independent creators in the Vtuber industry. If you’re an indie Vtuber, […]



Join our Discord server today and become part of a vibrant and welcoming community! Whether you’re passionate about gaming, looking to connect with like-minded individuals, or seeking exclusive content and expert insights, we’ve got you covered. With engaging events, networking opportunities, and a commitment to keeping you informed and entertained, our server offers a valuable […]