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Created: December 11, 2020

Members: 1522

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Est. 2020 ~ Founded by Reeb#2997

– . Members can share memes, vote for their favorite memes, and view the highest rated memes of our extensive collection. Every day, our server’s custom bot displays the highest rated meme of the day. If you are not a big fan of meme discords, we also feature a readily active general chat, as well as some specialized interest channels. Join our server today! A preview of our most important rules is below.

《 Rules 》
● NSFW content is NOT ALLOWED on this server, regardless of channel. This includes sexual content or gore.
● Homophobia, sexism, racism, or discrimination of any kind is NOT tolerated under any circumstances. No use of slurs regardless of intent.
● No advertising. (Twitter, YouTube, Discord Server, Website, Crowdfunding Campaign, Pyramid Scheme, etc.) This also includes DM advertising.

《 Ban Appeals 》
● If you have been banned and believe it is not valid, submit a ban appeal here:

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