Shinx Appreciation Club

We appreciate Shinx. On the side we play videogames and develop stuff! :]

Shinx Appreciation Club

Created: February 24, 2019

Members: 4615

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Cool epic Shinx-themed server where we do a variety of things including but not limited to:
-Play videogames (i.e. Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Splatoon, Minecraft, Genshin Impact)
-Hold events (Play Nuzlockes together, VGC tournaments, Among Us, movie nights)
-Programming, including Discord bots and, desktop tools, Switch homebrew tools and games
-Run Sysbots for Pokémon and Animal Crossing
-Host giveaways
-Sharing art and underrated games
-Make epic friends
-Worship Shinx
If any of these things are up your alley, be sure to join! :]

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