Silver Wolf Mains ⟢ Honkai: Star Rail

We are a community dedicated to H:SR character, Silver Wolf! Join us for special SW perks, emotes, and giveaways!

Silver Wolf Mains ⟢ Honkai: Star Rail

Created: March 16, 2023

Members: 3428

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Silver Wolf Mains is a community dedicated to the Honkai: Star Rail Punklorde Nomad and Hacker of the Stellaron Hunters, **Silver Wolf**! Silver Wolf was released in Version 1.1 and is a Quantum Nihility debuffer. The community offers you an in-depth guide on how to use Silver Wolf, a multitude of Silver Wolf-themed emotes for the general public to use, a chill and relaxing staff team, chances at giveaways such as Discord Nitro or Express Passes, and much more! We look forward to any and all Trailblazers who will be joining us~

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