Sims After Dark

General game & mod support and community server for the Sims 4. Affiliated with MCCC & home of the famous BellaGoth bot.

Created: June 03, 2020

Members: 111239

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This server offers both general game support as well as mod support for the Sims 4, and serves as the support server for the modders NeedCoffee4That, Kuttoe, Shino Nox, LeRoiDeTout, and Italian Mods Translator Isy.

This server further offers community channels for Simmers who just want to hang out and get info on mod and game updates.

We host the famous BellaGoth bot, an ever-evolving Discord bot which reads and analyses Sims 4 exception files for you!

While the server is mainly English-based, we offer channels for those who need help in other languages and have interpreters who can help you in your native language when available.

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