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Sky Bullets OS

Created: September 02, 2021

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We are an all around club on Pumpkin Meadow [NA] focusing on dressage with our main team and advanced team, while also doing jumping/XC and western so that we can be as inclusive to every person as possible, and invite all of our members to try something new! Along with our team events, we have an all team event every Sunday to bring all of the members from different teams together to bond and have fun. We are a family after all! For more info on our club, you can check out our website or OS linked below!
Sky Bullets strives to be apart of the drama-free, kind, positive, fun and creative side of the SSO community. We are constantly working towards spreading our positivity and helping everyone inside and outside the club do the same. Kindness is what keeps the world spinning! We do not single out ANY minorities, everyone deserves to be treated equally no matter who they love, where they came from, what they identify as, or what color skin they were born with. We stay true to who we are and keep on soaring high above all of the dark clouds that come our way, flying as true sky bullets would!

We would love for you to join and be apart of our loving community! If you are interested in our club and server, don’t be shy, we are very welcoming and friendly!

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