SL Shops Collective

Second Life Shops Collective brings creators and players of Second Life community together

SL Shops Collective

Created: April 18, 2023

Members: 1794

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Second Life Shop Collective is a server all about the Second Life community of gamers, creators, events, and so much more !

You can choose the brands you like to keep yourself updated on their sales and new releases !

We have over 150 brands !

We also have a Work In Progress channel where you can see what your favourite creators are creating for their next product.

There are also weekly giveaways in which most creators contribute with items, store credits, gift cards…

We also have events, fairs and djs, you get notified on what you want ONLY.

We have a no inactivity policy, so if a creator or event you followed suddenly disappear, they probably where inactive for over a month.

So What are you waiting for ? Join us !!!

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